Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its Official!

Only 15 days until our family trip to Monterey California! I am so excited, I have been planning this trip for two years. Finally we get to go, and it is the weekend of Joshua's birthday which makes it extra special. We plan to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, build sandcastles on the beach, shop on the wharf, and take the famous 17 mile drive down Carmel... I feel so blessed that I have a husband that is willing to do this with me. We are picking up our rental car Friday April 16th and taking the long drive down to Monterey. Friday afternoon we will probably just check into our room, get comfy, and eat dinner. But look out on Saturday! We will be hitting the two story Aquarium and visiting all sorts of animals. Joey is most excited about the sharks, and I think that Josh will love just about everything. As for myself, I have been dying to go here for years, so I will just be happy setting foot inside. Joe doesn't seem as excited as I am, but I know he'll like it.

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