Sunday, August 29, 2010

Suprise Visits!

I knew of a surprise visit that may happen, but then I got a phone call and was asked to pick two lovely young ladies up at the airport. Amanda and Alyssa (joe's cousins) came in to Reno for a visit.

We couldn't just have any old visit. Time was a little strained being as we had a day and 1/3 to spend with them and two families to split it between. I picked them up at the airport last Wednesday evening, and when we arrived home we just watched a movie and ate BoCa burgers (thanks marie). Thursday was another story, we got up and ate lunch at our favorite restaurant. The girls tried sushi, and they liked some of it. They even tried mussels...
Next, we decided to take the girls to give Alyssa her graduation present, and Amanda wanted something too but she wasn't old enough. Alyssa got her inner cartilage pierced, and I got my nose pierced. When we returned home that afternoon, we had to decide how the girls were gonna spend time with their other family.

Lianne, Matt, Chloe and Rilee came over for some play time and then we all went out to Red Robin for dinner. I believe the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their visit was short, but sweet and we hope to do it again.


So if he wasn't already a warrior, the army thought they'd make him one. Joe just returned from Warrior Leadership school a couple of weeks ago, he spent two weeks at Camp Williams in Riverton, UT. He had an amazing time, learned new things, and even made a few new friends. He even learned about an amazing deployment opportunity coming up, in which he is inclined to participate in. Here is a picture of his team at WLC...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Cribs and Toddler beds to BunkBeds!

So I was kinda having nostalgia over the boys getting new beds, but it been an amazing change.

Josh spent his last night in his crib/toddler bed, and I had no idea how he was going to adjust to sleeping in a big boy bed. So far he is doing really well and has only fallen out once... Since Grandma Marie and Papa Abel got the boys their brand new bunk beds (for an amazing deal), we decided to redecorate their room in a new theme! We aren't quite finished yet so I will post more pictures when I am done... here's a start.

Rachel Turns 22!

I don't care which way you look at it... 22 looks good!
Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a plan of doing absolutely nothing. Marie and Abel were in town (by accident of course), so during the day I went furniture shopping with Marie. We got BuNKBedS for the little ones, and they are so adorable, and also a futon frame for the futon downstairs. Then when we came home, Josh went down for nap and I enjoyed some "pamper me" fun. I got ready for dinner with my parents where they said they would go with me to my favorite SUSHI restaurant. Dinner was amazing and even my step-dad Mike tried everything. My mom of course got the delicious salmon teriyaki they have. When it came time for desert, instead of cake, I received a beautiful fruit arrangement with a candle in it.
Unfortunately, Joe was unable to come because he was out of town for military training. All in all it was an amazing birthday!

Deployment to... Where?!

Well Joe has been itching for another deployment... So he found one, with the 45th Infantry BTC. It will be sad to see him leave again so soon, but I am fully behind everything that Joe wishes to do. As for me, I will be filling my time with Nursing School and Josh... again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

So Joe and I have been talking a lot lately about moving. Not just moving around Reno, but moving out of Nevada. We have been considering Texas and Utah, and Texas would be nice but at the same time it would be so far away from both of our families that there is much more to be discussed. Utah would give us the change of scenery but wouldn't put us that far from our families.
We are both excited about this change, we just wonder if we can actually make it happen.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good bye husband, hello empty bed...

So, the army has been sending Joe to training after training. Mainly they are just trying to get them out of the way. In this year Joe has so far been gone for combatives training in Vegas, then to Haiti, then this week was WLC, and in a week from now Joe will be leaving for Utah, and then there is something in September he will be going to, and then BNOC in November. So I may only see my husband a few weeks over the course of the next few months.

So in other words, its good bye husband... hello empty bed...