Sunday, August 29, 2010

Suprise Visits!

I knew of a surprise visit that may happen, but then I got a phone call and was asked to pick two lovely young ladies up at the airport. Amanda and Alyssa (joe's cousins) came in to Reno for a visit.

We couldn't just have any old visit. Time was a little strained being as we had a day and 1/3 to spend with them and two families to split it between. I picked them up at the airport last Wednesday evening, and when we arrived home we just watched a movie and ate BoCa burgers (thanks marie). Thursday was another story, we got up and ate lunch at our favorite restaurant. The girls tried sushi, and they liked some of it. They even tried mussels...
Next, we decided to take the girls to give Alyssa her graduation present, and Amanda wanted something too but she wasn't old enough. Alyssa got her inner cartilage pierced, and I got my nose pierced. When we returned home that afternoon, we had to decide how the girls were gonna spend time with their other family.

Lianne, Matt, Chloe and Rilee came over for some play time and then we all went out to Red Robin for dinner. I believe the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their visit was short, but sweet and we hope to do it again.

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