Monday, January 25, 2010


*Joshua's News*
For the last month I have been racking my brains because I have been out of school, not really going to the gym, and just being lazy. Because of this Josh has started to push buttons, not in a bad way but he wants to play more constructively, and it is always while I'm in the middle of doing something (ie the dishes, laundry, cooking). So I was looking online for something more constructive for him and I to do outside of the house. There was the church play dates, and the park (weather permitting), and visiting friends and family. Nothing seemed to be right though. Then I found Gymboree while I was looking online. I started to look at their pictures and sales pitches. They have the kids broken up into groups from 6 weeks up to 5 years of age. This started to intrigue me, so I started looking further. For Josh's age group they have imaginative play, and team working, and some minor "helper" skills such as cleaning up toys and stuff. So I decided that it was worth checking out, they offered free preview classes.

So Joe and I both took Josh to his first day, just to see if it was worth paying almost 60 dollars a month to go. Right off the bat they started with wiggle time, it's where the kids run around and just play and get all of their wiggles out. Then came circle time, they sang songs and actually had a learning lesson in there. His first class they talked about trees, and learned about picking apples, and jumping in leaves, also treehouses. The kids were to use their imagination to pretend that this one play structure was a treehouse, and they climbed the ladder, and looked over the side, and then used the slide to go out of the treehouse. They had the kids climb another structure and pretend to pick apples from the apple tree. Then they had them climb through these tunnels in which they were supposed to pretend were hollowed out tree logs, until they were high enough to jump in a pile of leaves.

All in all Josh really enjoyed himself, they played parachute games, and had bubble time also.

Joe and I felt that it was something that Josh would really enjoy, so we enrolled him. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made for Josh. He enjoys playing with kids his age, and he's learning so much.

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