Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tax Plans...

~*Joe and Rachel's News!*~

As tax refund time nears, Joe and I have been thinking of how to wisely spend the money. Paying off bills and such seems to be the number one use, but also we want to take a family trip this year and Joe and I would like to do something for ourselves since we never got our honeymoon.

For our family trip this year we choose to take the boys to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey California. The aquarium from what I hear is huge with tons to do. So we figured since Joshua's birthday is in April, that seems like a perfect time to go on our family vacation. We are going to go April 16th - April 19th, being as I was advised that the aquarium is a two day project. This way we can take the kids to the beach and spend some quality time as a family.

Now for as far as what Joe and I have decided to do, we would love to go to some distant country and get away from it all as it should be. But instead we decided to stay close to home and do something here. We have decided to take Scuba Diving lessons together! The certifications are for life, and we can dive anywhere and anytime we want. Joe and I are both very excited about doing this. It kinda feels like we are having a mid-life crisis, but neither of us are in any way at our mid-life. So the classes begin in march and we are thinking of maybe going back to Monterey sometime this year, after our family vacation, to go diving there.

This year already seems like its going to be a great one...

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