Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miss Hayley's Visit!

So Miss Hayley came all the way from Texas to visit and socialize with the family, and also celebrate her 21st birthday! We were so excited to have her come all this way out to visit her family. The only problem with this visit was Marie and Abel's truck broke down so they came in late on the 9th, and Joe was stuck with Army Guard Drill. So unfortunately, we were not able to complete some of the plans we had made. Lisa and Jeff brought Hayley into Reno Friday July 9th, and went to Lianne and Matt's for dinner. Saturday was little Miss Chloe's birthday party. Joey, Josh, Marie and myself attended this pool party and the children had an amazing time. Thanks to Grandma the kids got new floaties so they were able to explore the water and enjoy themselves.
After a long day, Saturday we were ready to relax on Sunday but that was not in the plan. Hayley turned 21 and it's a big deal... So Lisa and I planned a surprise party for Hayley Sunday night. I grilled chicken and pineapple kabobs and made oven roasted potatoes, my mom made chipoltle bow-tie pasta salad, and we had chips and dip, fruit, and veggies for appetizers. It was all around a great surprise. I even got her a three tier waterfall cake that my wonderful friend and cake decorator made special. After the party and Lianne and Matt left (they had to get up early the next day), Lisa and Jeff kindly practiced their reflexology on almost everyone's feet. THANKS GUYS! Then we drug out the rock band, and had a good ol' time making idiots out of ourselves. What a great weekend.

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