Thursday, July 22, 2010

Troubling Times...

So Joe and I hit a standstill in our relationship, where we found ourselves asking "where do we go from here?"

After some soul searching and some long conversations, we decided that we love each other too much to throw 3 1/2 years away, not to mention that it would hurt Josh. We decided that the right thing to do for us would be to talk to someone to help guide us to the right path. The path in which I know that both of us should be on. Joe's dislike for his job, my struggles with school, and our financial situation were starting to take a toll on our relationship. When we took a step back and a deep breath we realized this is not something that we could do alone.

One week after this transpired, I believe our relationship is in much better shape and headed for the right path.

We took a night to ourselves this last week where we went out and just enjoyed each others company with no worry of money (I set money aside) , jobs, or school. I believe we had a great time and we were surrounded by supportive and loving friends. I even came to make a new friend in Joe's Army buddy's wife. We realized since both of our husbands are in the same unit, we could be each other's shoulder to lean on if needed.

In time's like these, where it is nice to not feel alone.

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