Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mean Teachers and Good Grades

So this semester started off a little rocky, I was informed by the Nursing Department at TMCC that my HESI scores no longer counted because it had been to long between classes. So I am scheduled to take that ($200) test once again. Then I found out that my books had been backordered and one of my books wouldn't be here till the end of February. Oh great, was my thought exactly. I was planning just to drop the class then. Well then the semester kicked off and kicked my butt! I was already behind in my COM 113 class (which for all who don't know it is a public speaking class), my English 101 class (which I had to retake because of my leave of absence when Joe came home) already had reading assignments and and essay due in a week, my HDFS 201 class (which I didn't plan on taking this semester, but my counselor signed me up for it) was totally unexpected and already had readings of 3 chapters due and 1 critical thinking exercise on theorist was due, and then came my Sociology 101 class (which again I'm taking it over again, stupid CLEP testing) had one test I nearly, well actually, failed. So this semester hasn't been to great, but I am going to stick it out and tough through it because I need to do this to get my RN. Now Monday I have a speech to give and I haven't even began writing it because I don't know what to write about. I pray that the Lord will give me guidance or just do the speech for me, either way I need HELP!

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