Saturday, February 13, 2010

Childrens Museum and Theory of a Deadman

Yesterday was a big and long day for us. I had been promising the kids that we would take them to do something fun, and we decided the Children's Museum in Carson City. So naturally I met up with Lindsey and went. The kids had a total blast and got to do a lot of fun things. Joey got to climb a rock wall, as did I lol. Josh played with magnets, and then Joe taught the kiddos how to play air hockey (it was quite hillarious). All of us enjoyed a virtual reality maze. The day was fantastically spent on the kids. In the afternoon Joe and I parted ways taking one child each to go shopping on our own. When we met up later that afternoon it was time to take the kiddos to the grandparents house so we could have a night out.

The Knitting Factory is in the middle of down town, and this is the new place for concerts in Reno. Joe and I had a great night with great friends. I got all dolled up for Joe and we had a ball. The bands were great, and I got some concert memorabilia. We both ended up not feeling to good so we went home. It turned out to be a fantastic night, up until we woke up this morning. Both of us do not feel well, but nothing Starbuck's coffee cannot fix.

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